Hoxie™ is an online platform for collecting data on implementation of academic interventions. Specifically, that means we collect data on teachers' use of interventions. We then analyze that data to spot trends in implementation and critical teaching behaviors, at department-wide or school-wide levels. Hoxie is currently tuned to track SIM™-related interventions at the middle and high school levels.

Unlike general-purpose online data collection tools, Hoxie is specifically designed to collect small chunks of data unobtrusively and en masse. In other words, our goal is collect lots of high-quality data without being burdensome to the teachers, school administrators, and instructional coaches we rely on to provide it to us.


The walkthrough engine allows administrators to easily collect real-time walkthrough data electronically, into a centralized repository accessible to administrators and researchers. Data collected from walkthroughs give everyone a better understanding of what's happening on a day-to-day basis.

Data may be collected with your laptop or or iOS or Android-based smart phone or tablet—in fact, walkthroughs are designed for easy accessibility from these small-screened devices!


Collections help monitor the frequency and fidelity of an intervention. With collections, a school administrator collects artifacts of an intervention's usage for a specified date range—typically a day or two. From these artifacts, Hoxie generates a report to show which strategies and routines were reported, as well as what types of assessment were being done in that time.


Hoxie's support for instructional coaching helps simplify the process of scheduling time with an instructional coach. More importantly, though, it collects data on what's going on with coaching in a given school. What departments are leveraging coaching? Why do teachers seek out a coach's expertise? When are coaches' schedules the busiest?

Reporting and data analysis

In the end, numbers are just numbers unless you know how to make meaning of them. Hoxie helps with this by providing visually-rich snapshots of your how your school is implementing an intervention, in order to help you understand what is happening and make decisions based on what's been observed.

Who may use Hoxie?

We currently offer Hoxie as an annual, subscription-based service to research projects and school districts implementing the Strategic Instruction Model™ or Content Literacy Continuum™, or some component thereof (for example, Fusion Reading).

Through ongoing development, we're also extending the platform to other interventions and applying its components to other data sets. Since Hoxie is a cloud-based platform, such updates are instantly available to all schools using the service—no software updates required!

Learn more

To learn more about Hoxie, please email us at help@stratepedia.org to schedule a live demonstration.

Please include the names of any SIM™ interventions your school currently employs.